Nursery & Preschool

Rock Hill Nursery and Preschool areas serve and exist to provide a safe, secure, loving and Christ-centered environment for infants, toddlers and preschool age children during times of all worship services, Sunday school and other various church sponsored activities.

Our workers partner with parents to enhance their child’s spiritual development by meeting their basic needs of growth. This encompasses Biblical curriculum that introduces a child and their family to the basic principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the use of media, technology, and take-home family activities our approach to learning is holistic, in that, all of what we teach has the primary focus of assisting a child and their family in discovering a life-long passion for Christ.

Rock Hill Baptist Church is dedicated to providing a safe environment for the infants through sixth grade children who attend the ministries, events, and programs at or through RHBC.  As well, we recognize that children may be mildly to severly allergic to certain food.  To review our Food Allergy Information and EpiPen Procedures, click HERE.

For parents/guardians of children with allergies, necessary documents can be downloaded below:

Food Allergy Form
EpiPen Administration Permission Form

All snacks provided in our nursery/preschool department will be from the list below.  Any “special” occassions that deviate from this list, will be preapproved by the Nursery Coordinator and an Allergy Alert Sign will be posted outside the room at those times.

Permanent Snack List

Apple Jacks Cereal Graham Crackers
Butter Cookies Nilla Wafers
Cheerios Oreos
Cheez Its Penguin Crackers
Club Crackers Pretzels
Froot Loop Cereal Ritz Crackers
Gerber & Parent’s Choice Puff Saltine Crackers
Golden Grahams Cereal Veggie Straws
Goldfish Crackers

*Gluten Free Snacks Available: Annie’s Bunnies, Rice Chex Cereal, Veggie Straws

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